Lian Huan Quan is a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Form that blends elegance and power. Lian Huan Quan is a fundamental routine for any Chinese martial arts student. The form contains a range of Kung Fu basic techniques and stances. The form improves stability, co-ordination, footwork, and builds more overarching skills, such as, transitioning from one section to the next with fluidity.

Shaolin Master Shi Yan Ming will guide you through this traditional form, breakdown the routine into digestible sections, and explain key skills and techniques.


This is a complete Shaolin Lian Huan Quan course. It’s suitable for Kung Fu level 2 + students, teachers, and long-time teachers who want to re-inspire themselves and their students in turn. This course will add precision, commitment, and patience to your practice.

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Parts 1 – 4 including one foundation video.

Lian Huan Quan Foundation: 27:31

Lian Huan Quan Part One: 08:04

Lian Huan Quan Part Two: 07:44

Lian Huan Quan Part Three: 08:11

Lian Huan Quan Part Four: 07:41