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In Business and in Life we rely on the correlation between our body, our mind and our experience. At Synergy these three pillars form the foundation of our wellbeing solutions for your organisation. Physical and mental health and wellbeing is the ultimate goal at Synergy. Confronted with constant change in life and also the workplace, more and more people struggle with mental health and wellbeing. Especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of employers and employees have been confronted with decreased mental health and overall wellbeing. Our proven mindfulness programmes lead to healthier organisations from the inside out.


Meditation increases employee productivity by

National Business Group on Health


of people who practice meditation and mindfulness find that it improves their energy and focus.

The Good Body


of women find meditation helpful.


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Synergy Solution

Your organisation can choose from a range of programmes below or we can work together with you and develop a customised solution for your organisation and workforce.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Our meditation and mindfulness programme cover different areas from dealing with stress and anxiety to gaining focus and energy. Our programmes will help to calm the mind and create clear and focused paths to healthier and happier employees and a productive team.


Flow & Qigong

No matter if your organisation is looking for a team building course or a physical challenge to improve your team’s health and wellbeing. Our psychosocial programme includes flowing movements based on Qigong exercises. This programme can provide a great tool to help and promote your team’s health wellbeing. Movements are generally slow and combined with breathing exercises that calm the body and mind. This programme helps with mobility and flexibility in body and mind.



To get the best out of our Mind and Body exercises, we recommend adding the Experience sessions. These sessions work best in combination with the Meditation and Flow exercises, as we will add reflection techniques to provide a non judgemental space to nurture the inner voice, explore new sensations and cultivate personal development. These reflective sessions can come in the form of self reflection, group discussion or self-awareness exercises etc.

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