SynergyFit Vision

The complete mindframe to connect health and wellbeing for everyone to benefit.


The Complete Mindframe

The power of connection is limitless. SynergyFit’s goal is to show how connection of your mind, body, and experience will help you rethink the way you approach your health and wellbeing. By connecting the mind to the body, and to reflect on experiences, we can achieve a more robust approach to health and wellness. Synergy’s revolutionary programme to better wellbeing will help you achieve long-term health and happiness. Join us to find out why SynergyFit is the complete mindframe.

In today’s world, taking care of yourself never seems to come easy because there are so many factors that impact our physical health, mental health, and wellbeing. In most cases, people limit their focus solely on one area of their health, for example their fitness and this means mental health and wellbeing are left by the way side. So we created Synergy to provide an easy way to attend to all of these areas; using small efforts in each area on a regular basis.

SynergyFit provides classes, courses, and workshops consisting SynergyFit’s three pillar framework of MIND, BODY, and EXPERIENCE that combines meditation, reflection activities, and gentle exercises in each session. Our programme is accessible to any mobility or experience level, easy to digest, and easy to adopt in a busy lifestyle. SynergyFit is a low maintenance approach with a big impact.

SynergyFit Mind