Chang Quan Yi Lu | First Road of Long Fist

Classes Overview

Shi Yan Ming

Your Instructor: Martine Niven


Chang Quan Yi Lu is a Modern Contemporary Wushu Form and is the first in a set of three foundation forms for the long fist routines. It is characterised by its long-extended movements and striking techniques and was developed in an effort to standardise the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. It is often demonstrated at international Chinese martial arts sport competitions.

The first form or first road (Yi Lu) will incorporate all the fundamentals that you have learnt previously from your level one training in stances, hand positions and kicks with added new techniques to learn, develop and refine.

Join Shifu Martine as she guides you through the fundamentals of this form helping to teach you the accuracy of the movements section by section. She will then progress to the finer details of the form explaining key tips for you to develop your flowing, precision, speed, and power.

Chang Quan Yi Lu
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