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Exploring Qi and the Theory of Yin and Yang | Yin and Yang Theory | Shaolin Talk

Exploring Qi and the Theory of Yin and Yang and how to apply to your everyday life and training.

In this Shaolin Talk we will look at the Chinese principle of Qi or life force energy. We will discuss what it is in everyday life and how it manifests within us. We will look at how martial arts can move, strengthen and balance the energy in the body and discuss various methods of cultivation. We will then open up the conversation to others out there and discuss any experiences our audience may have or answer any questions on this subject.

We will also explore the theory of Yin and Yang and their four main fundamental aspects and explore how understanding these key principles can help develop your practices.

  • Category: Shaolin Talk

  • Presenters: Martine Niven, Janine Brauer

  • Duration: 28:49