18 Luohan Hands Class 5

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Luohan Shi Ba Shou Class 5

Arhat 18 Hands | 少林罗汉18掌

Code: 18LHSYM05

Part One Warm Up

Part Two: Foundation

Kick ups

  1. Li He Tui – Inside Kick
  2. Wai Bai Tui – Outside Kick

Part Three: Form / Tao Lu

  1. Bridge stance and punch – Gong Bu Chong Quan
  2. Bridge stance stabbing palm – Gong Bu Za Zhou
  3. Empty stance and punch forwards – Xu Bu Chong Quan
  4. Standing push palm downwards – Zhang Li An Zhang
  5. Horse stance and block up – Ma Bu Jia Da
  6. Finish – Shou Shi

Part Four: Warm down


  • Level: Beginner

  • Practice: Kung Fu

  • Teacher: Shi Yan Ming

  • Focus: 18 Luohan Hands

  • Duration: 35:12


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