Xiao Hong Quan Class 14

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Xiao Hong Quan Class 14

Code: XHQSYM14

Part One: Foundation

Kick Ups

1. Zheng Ti Tui – Forward Kick
2. Li He Tui – Inside Kick
3. Wai Bai Tui – Outside kick


1. Gou Tui Tui Zhang – Hook leg with hands

Part Two: Form

Xiao Hong Quan / Little Flood Fist

1. Practice
2. Ti Xi Hu Zhao – lift knee and tiger claw
3. Bing Bu Za Quan – Close stance with hammer fist
4. Gong Bu Gou Quan – Bridge stance and palm push
5. Ti Xi Bao Quan – Lift one knee and fist
6. Gong Bu Tui Zhang – Bridge stance palm push

Part Three: Warm down

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Practice: Kung Fu

  • Teacher: Shi Yan Ming

  • Focus: Xiao Hong Quan

  • Duration: 35:29


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