Tong Bei Quan Class 5

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Tong Bei Quan Class 5

Through The Back Fist | 少林通背拳

Code: TBQSYM05

Part One: Warm Up
Part Two: Foundation


  1. Forward Kick – Zheng Ti Tui

Part Three: Form / Tao Lu

Tong Bei Quan 1/2

Learn the Accuracy of the form

  1. Preparation – Yu Bei Shi
  2. Squatting stance with a punch – Bing Bu Chong Quan
  3. T stance with tiger claw hand – Ding Bu Hu Zhao
  4. Bridge stance punch – Gong Bu Chong Quan
  5. Jump into low bridge stance and then bridge stance with punch – Tiao Yue Gong Bu Chong Quan
  6. Bridge stance and palm caressing push forward – Gong Bu Jiao Cha Zhang
  7. Flick kick with low bridge stance and punch – Tan Tui Gong Bu Hu Er Chong Quan
  8. Empty stance with double hook punch – Xu Bu Shuang Gou Quan
  9. Bridge stance and horse stance punch –  Gong Bu Ma Bu Chong Quan
  10. Jump spin and bridge stance punch – Zhuan Ti Gong Bu Chong Quan
  11. Empty stance and push palm down – Xu Bu An Zhang
  12. Bridge stance and diagonal posture – Gong Bu Xie Xing
  13. Point stance – Gong Bu An Zhang with Dian Bu

Part Four: Warm down

Meditation X 1 minute

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Practice: Kung Fu

  • Teacher: Shi Yan Ming

  • Focus: Tong Bei Quan

  • Duration: 1:04:27


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