Taizu Chang Quan Lesson 6

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Emperor Long Fist | 太祖长拳

Part One: Warm Up

Part Two: Form / Tao Lu

  1. Empty stance with double hook fist – Xu Bu Shuang Gou Quan
  2. Horse stance with forward and backward punch – Ma Bu Qian Hou Chong Quan
  3. Empty stance block up and attack – Xu Bu Jia Da
  4. Left flying kick – Zhuo Er Qi Jiao
  5. Stamping foot and hammer fist + bridge stance lifting palm – Zheng Jiao Za Quan + Gong bu Liao Zhang
  6. Jump with Stabbing palm + Punch up – Cha Zhang Quan Yue + Shang Chong Quan
  7. Horse stance hook fist – Ma Bu Bai Quan
  8. Empty stance with stabbing palm – Xu Bu Cha Zhang
  9. Bridge stance with double punch towards ears – Gong Bu Shuang Feng Guan Er
  10. Empty stance with stabbing palm – Xu Bu Cha Zhang
  11. Horse stance and block up and attack – Ma Bu Jia Da
  12. Finish – Shou Shi

Part Three: Warm down

Standing meditation

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Practice: Kung Fu

  • Teacher: Yanmin Chen

  • Focus: Taizu Chang Quan

  • Duration: 56:10


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